Corporate Strategy

Genesi customers’ needs are ever-changing. Genesi understands the value of looking toward - and keeping pace with - the future. To help ensure we meet our customers’ needs today and tomorrow, Genesi invests in state-of-the-art technology development in advance of its first commercial use.

Development Approach

Genesi provides technology that is ready-for-market, enabling our customers to focus on their customers. Through an extensive requirements investigation, we work with our customers to define a product and/or family of products. Once a product has been defined, Genesi provides a software framework to its customers that remains standard from conception to succeeding generations of the underlying technology. This approach speeds product development and shortens time-to-market.

Through an iterative method we refine and optimize our system designs. We prototype our products to establish a manufacturing process and consistent quality. Once the process is documented it can be monitored, managed and improvements can be identified. Our detailed product documentation package also assists in error avoidance, continuity through personnel changes, and compliance to required standards.

We design testability and optimization options into our solutions that are used to validate system requirements upon manufacturing and enable support once our solutions are in use. These capabilities can also be used to empower performance or security upgrades, monitor and/or collect data about the products themselves or the environment in which they function, and add new capabilities. As technologies evolve or emerge, our solutions are designed to incorporate change as a feature.

Genesi solutions are found in both the embedded and consumer markets, and in use today throughout the world. 

Corporate Structure

Genesi has been privately funded since inception by its shareholders. Genesi operates globally and consists of the following companies and organizations:


Genesi U.S.A., Inc.
Genesi USA is a Nevada C Corporation.
The business identification code is NV20031235170
District of Columbia Certificate of Registration #00005137741
Active SAM registration 154730704 / 6M0P4 (renewal date 2021-06-11)
DOA/DDTC Registration M30034 (expired on 01/31/2014 - will be renewed as needed)Genesi USA, Inc. BBB Business Review

bplan GmbH (Research & Development)
bplan GmbH is a German corporation.
Commercial register AG Bad Homburg v.d. Höhe HRB 9507 is a District of Columbia Nonprofit Corporation, Certificate of Incorporation #N00005138204.

The Group's shareholders have maintained this structure for a variety of intellectual property, tax and commercial reasons as it is a developer and purveyor of computer systems hardware and software which can present a number of complex issues in different jurisdictions and trade environments. The research and development core and the first Company to be established was bplan GmbH in 2000. Genesi USA was incorporated in January 2003 while the Company was exhibiting at CES. The "first" Genesi was originally incorporated in Europe.

Foundational Relationships

Genesi has built its business in collaboration with many companies. Over the course of the last fifteen plus years, Genesi has been an IBM Advanced Level Business Partner, a MySQL Platinum and Certified Partner, a Member of the Sun Microsystems Partner Advantage Program, a Pilot Member of OpenSolaris, and Sponsor and Leader of the OpenSolaris PowerPC Community.

Genesi is or has been a participant in various partnership and certification programs at different times with AT&T, ATI/AMD, Cisco, HP, Citrix, VMWare, Google, Novell, Future Electronics, and QNX. Genesi was listed in the IBM Global Solutions Directory with numerous Ready for IBM Technology awards and has been an Energy Star Partner. Genesi has also been a Founder level member of and served on the Board of Directors. Genesi has been a MPEG LA Licensee since the organization was conceived.

More recently, Genesi was a founding member of the Linaro Partner Program contributing and collaborating to improve core Linux software and tools for ARM System-On-Chip platforms. Genesi initiated and supported ARM Hardfloat as a Linaro Partner. This has become an industry standard.

Genesi has also collaborated with leading Universities to create meaningful projects with academic, social and technical impact, such as the Cyber Media and Moroccan Youth Program that was concieved with Cornell University (2006-2007), the Embedded and Digital Systems Center in the Department of Engineering Sciences at Trinity University (2007-2009), or more recently with the 2011 & 2012 Strategy Plan Challenge and the 2013 i5 in China program for the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University.

Genesi has developed products, reference designs and completed firmware and software ports for many semiconductor, hardware and system vendors.