Radix IoT Platform
The End-to-End Solution for Building
Secure Connected Devices
  • Genesi turns customer ideas into low-cost, energy efficient, embedded & consumer products. Using  ARM™ and Power Architecture™ technologies, Genesi relies on a design process that calls on an array of engineering skills. From the complexities of enclosing a number of integrated circuits into a single package to the development of software applications, Genesi solutions are vertically integrated and designed to be remotely managed throughout a lifetime of use. 

    Genesi has developed a series of low cost data collection and transmission devices for the Internet of Things (IoT). These devices are capable of exchanging live data with a remote server through a permanent connection. The application code runs on a customized and optimized microkernel and the boot/rescue code is 100% standalone and proprietary.

  • Genesi provides complete system design services including 3D modeling and case work, cloud infrastructure development, user interface design, packaging and documentation, field testing, and device & network certifications as required. Genesi assists its customers in establishing a new product's supply chain and enabling them to optimize and manage that process.

    Genesi licenses its solutions. Genesi provides the necessary documentation and the support required so that our customers are empowered to manufacture products for their target markets and / or geographic areas as needed. In the case of national network operators, local manufacturing has the goal of developing an economy around the products and services being sold, while progressively enhancing local skills and employment opportunities.