ODW Utilizes TechOnLine Online Development System Technology
July 11, 2005

Users gain free 24/7 to the Linux-based system online via TechOnLine's Product Evaluation site

Genesi is pleased to announce that TechOnLine, the Internet's leading provider of online solutions and technical resources, now provides access to their Open Desktop Workstation (ODW) 24 hours a day, worldwide via its website, www.techonline.com. The ODW is designed to assume its position and fulfill the missing link of the first true PowerPC Linux Development and Desktop System. The fully configured machine comes bundled with a variety of tools and applications that make the platform the perfect partner for any serious embedded system development based on Linux.

TechOnLine's website, provides a worldwide /community of over 330,000 engineering professionals with the information and training necessary to make more informed design decisions. TechOnLine provides education and design resources to this highly targeted engineering /community; delivering the latest product updates and technology advances in the form of courses, in-depth technical articles, industry information and online development systems.

"We are very pleased to be online at TechOnLine, the recognized leader of online training and education to the electronics industry," commented Raquel Velasco, General Manager, Genesi. "TechOnLine did an outstanding job getting the machine online and operational. We are really looking forward to expanding this effort."

"The Open Desktop Workstation online development system provides the open source /community an exciting new option for evaluating this technology online," said Bob Smith, Vice President of VirtuaLab, TechOnLine. "Now users worldwide can access Genesi's revolutionary technology from their desktops immediately, with no configuration or set up required."

The online development system, powered by TechOnLine's patented VirtuaLab technology, accelerates the design process for both the engineer and silicon vendor. Engineers can physically interact with and evaluate hardware and software anytime from anywhere over the web. The Genesi online development environment is available through TechOnLine's website, at www.techonline.com//community/prod_eval/devel_systems/38409.

About TechOnLine:

TechOnLine provides electronic original equipment manufacturers (EOEMs) with customized solutions that help them achieve design wins. Our customized online solutions are designed to build awareness, educate and train audiences, and enable the real-time evaluation of hardware and software products over the Internet. TechOnLine's solutions-including web broadcasts, online courses and online labs-provide EOEM companies with the ability to educate and impact audiences including customers, distributors, partners and employees. The TechOnLine website, (www.TechOnLine.com), provides design engineers with the information and training necessary to make more informed design decisions. Founded in 1996 TechOnLine is headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts.

For more information, visit: www.techonline.com.

About Genesi:

Genesi is a leading provider of PowerPC based computing products. Genesi's OpenFirmware (IEEE1275) compliant PegasosPPC family is designed to bring PowerPC technology, flexibility, and efficiency to the desktop, home entertainment, netcom, low-end server and pervasive market segments at an affordable price.

For more information, visit: www.genesi-usa.com.

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