New Pricing for Efika MX Product Series
February 25, 2011

$129 Efika MX Smarttop and $199 Smartbook Price Reductions Give People and Businesses in Emerging Markets Affordable Computing, Internet Access

3G Smartbook Added to Low-Cost, Energy-Efficient Efika MX Product Line from Genesi

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - Genesi USA Inc., a leading developer and producer of low-cost, high-value energy-efficient computing products, announces price reductions on its line of wafer-thin and whisper-quiet Efika MX computers, opening the door even more for billions of people and businesses in emerging markets to affordable state-of-the-art computing and Internet access.

The Smarttop network computer is now $129, while the two-pound Smartbook netbook is available for $199 (new Smartbook 3G version is $249). Both are WiFi-enabled and available at

“We have created a low-cost, energy-efficient, Internet-connected line of note/netbooks through a very specific business model. We lower our costs to produce Efika MX products through our vast developer community and with local assembly and manufacturing, we will be able to pass even more savings along,” said Raquel Velasco, Managing Director/Chairman, Genesi USA Inc.


In January, IHS Global Insight estimated the world population will reach 6.9 billion during 2010 and that 5.9 billion people will live in emerging markets. As the world population grows so does the demand for low-cost, competent computing resources, particularly in emerging “middle class” markets around the world, estimated at 1.3 billion (emc = above poverty, below median income of middle class). Technology and service providers like Genesi are working to cost effectively address young tech-savvy consumers and businesses in these emerging markets.

“For a lot of people around the world, price has been a barrier to having any kind of technological connection to create or consume data. Eighty percent of the world’s population has mobile reach via a 3G (third generation) network, and of that number, only 20% have Internet access,” Velasco says. “Having a connection to the rest of the world is empowering – just look at what’s happening in North Africa and the Middle East right now – and, for people and businesses in these emerging markets, a Smarttop or Smartbook may be their first fully web-connected device.”

Efika MX Smarttop:

Efika MX Smartbook:


Genesi Americas licenses, markets and sells Genesi technology. Genesi USA Inc. designs, develops and produces low-cost, energy-efficient computing products for the world, customizing for network operators to increase subscriber activity. Genesi platforms and open source software enable nations and corporations to substantially reduce information technology costs. Based on the Freescale i.MX515 system-on-a-chip, the Efika MX is an extremely versatile and durable platform that is silent, small, inexpensive and energy efficient with no moving parts. Genesi USA Inc. is the founder and primary sponsor of, a non-profit organization focused on providing comprehensive, low-cost, state-of-the-art computing, communications and collaboration services to emerging communities. 


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