The High Density Blade (HDB) design is focused on leveraging the computing and power efficiency of the combination of Freescale's high-performance MPC7447, MPC7447A or MPC7448 Power Architecture processors and Tundra's Tsi109 host bridge in a blade form factor that is flexible and highly scalable with the HDB chassis.

All blades have integrated management features, leveraging an additional 8-bit processor that operates with a separate power supply and controls all features of the system. There are no jumpers and no switches on the board. A local user interface is provided at each blades front. All functions can be accessed by a one button menu system showing its status on the integrated OLED display. Each HDB has a front side display that has a status indicator showing up to nine different operating conditions for each board. The HDB and Chassis can be fully managed remotely.

Genesi's objective is to provide a complete reference design package to reduce power, increase performance/watt and achieve a density that is compact and affordable, yet scalable and flexible. The Customer can configure and build the HBD to their choosing.


Individual Blade specifications are as follows:

  • Single or Dual Freescale G4 (MPC744x) processors
  • High performance Tundra Tsi109TM Northbridge
  • 2 SerDes or GigE per HDB
  • DDR2 RAM
  • Serial ATA
  • Optional Freescale MPC190 Security Processor
  • Integrated blade management unit, including one-button user interface and OLED display

Chassis specifications:

  • 16 hot-swappable HDB modules possible per 2U chassis
  • Hard drive module interchangable with HDB
  • 1U power module
  • Communication backplane (RS485)
  • I/O Connection: FCI, AirMax VS High Speed Connector System
  • Integrated chassis management unit

The HDB chassis supports hot-swappable HDBs and hard drives that can be mounted and removed while the system is operating. The chassis has an integrated RS485 management network and any active component of the HDB System, the rack, chassis, power supplies, HDB, hard drives, each identify themselves through this network. The Customer can design their own super computer system in this way based on the mission. Any computer can link to the RS485 network and browse through the components and power on, blade, hard drive and all can be remotely accessed and linked and controlled through the management network in a hot plug/swappable manner. The 1U PSU options allow for different set-ups - fail safe double PSU - international electrical support - uninterrupted or normal, etc.


The HDB Server is supported by the Genesi Firmware and consequently a number of Operating Systems and Applications, including MySQL.