Tutorial: How to use a debug board

On this page, you will find a short tutorial explaining how to use a debug board with an Efika MX Smartbook.


As can be seen on the following picture, the official Efika MX Smartbook debug board provides ARM JTAG and serial connectors.




As the first step of the installation process, please take out the keyboard. To do this, you need to use a small screwdriver and push it between the top edge of the keyboard and the casing in four places:




Inside the case, you might notice space for a Mini PCI Express card which can be used for an optional 3G modem. On the far right, there is a half-height Mini PCI Express Wi-Fi card based on the Ralink 3273 chipset.

The debug board cable needs to be connected to the CONN1501 connector near the slot for the 3G modem.



After connecting the debug board, please insert the keyboard back into the casing so it is possible to use serial / JTAG connectors and the keyboard at same time:


Original author: Marcin Juszkiewicz