Genesi Pegasos II Systems Enable Internet Cafe at Freescale ECS
October 4, 2004

EMBEDDED CONNECTIVITY SUMMIT, Austin, Texas - Genesi Open Desktop Workstations based on the Pegasos II are featured in the Internet Café of the Freescale Embedded Connectivity Summit (ECS). The PowerPC® architecture, with the AltiVec SIMD engine, is an excellent alternate architecture for Linux applications. The Genesi Pegasos II system comes equipped with the MPC7447 PowerPC processors from Freescale.

"As a member of our Smart Networks Alliance Program, Genesi is a key enabler of Linux development on the PowerPC architecture. We want to encourage developers and designers to leverage the PowerPC architecture for their Linux and other PowerPC-based operating systems and applications, as this architecture can provide both performance and cost benefits for system designs and designers," said Paul Grimme, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Transportation & Standard Products Group at Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

The machines were demonstrated with a choice of operating systems including Gentoo, Crux, Yellow Dog and Debian GNU/Linux. Also included was MorphOS, a lightweight fully featured non-UNIX based Amiga-compatible operating system.



A selection of pictures from the event are available in the Genesi gallery, along with a short movie of the internet café

High quality (MPEG 17MB)
Low quality (MPEG 4MB)

The Embedded Connectivity Summit is being held at the Hilton Hotel in Austin, Texas from 4-6 October. Genesi is a Gold Sponsor of ECS.

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