Pilot Projects and Developer Programs Expand
November 11, 2004

Frankfurt, Germany -- Genesi announced it had successfully completed the second phase of the Genesi/Freescale PegasosPPC Pilot Project and that Open Desktop Workstations had been delivered to T-Mobile (Czech), MySQL and the NSCEE. The ODWs deployed will be tested in a variety of server and cluster configurations with a mix of operating systems and applications. Simultaneously, the Avalanche Desktop Reference deployment is being expanded beyond Jostens and Select Comfort to include Cargill, ePredix and Imation. Avalanche members seek to validate a Debian GNU/Linux solution running on the PowerPC™-based Pegasos system for a thin client/file server configuration and general corporate desktop use.

Genesi also announced that the distribution of 100+ Open Desktop Workstation to selected Debian, Gentoo, Crux, Yellow Dog Linux and MorphOS Developers had been completed. "We have also included a number of Demo Scene Teams in this Developer Support Program. We think the virtues of PowerPC and our platform can be accentuated through the talented efforts of these Teams," said Raquel Velasco, Genesi General Manager.

The Pegasos is based on the PowerPC™ architecture and can be deployed across the enterprise network as a thin client, desktop machine, netcom device or server in one single upgradeable and scalable form factor. Linux Resources for Development Systems featuring Application Notes and instructional presentations on the Pegasos are found on the Freescale website. Additional support is provided through PowerDeveloper.org

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