Open Desktop Workstation

This product has been discontinued.

The Open Desktop Workstation is based on the Pegasos II using the Marvell Discovery II Northbridge and system components of the highest quality.

The Freescale Power Architecture G4 processor delivers new power management features and higher performance to the desktop. AltiVec technology increases system performance and delivers exceptional computing power cycle per cycle. The efficiency of the Power Architecture reduces power consumption and heat dissipation. Freescale supports the platform via their online developer platform including Freescale Application Notes and Instructional Presentations for the Pegasos II.

Specifications are as follows:

  • Pegasos II with Freescale 1.0GHz processor
  • 512MB DDR RAM
  • 80GB ATA100 Hard Disk
  • Dual-Layer DVD±RW Drive
  • ATI Radeon 9250 graphics -
    DVI, VGA and S-Video out
  • Low Profile Small Footprint Case -
    Tower or Desktop Orientation (92x310x400mm)
  • USB 2.0 (High Speed) expansion

From Desktop to Grid, the ODW was designed to assume its position and fulfill the missing link of the first true Power Architecture Linux Development and Desktop System. The fully configured machine comes bundled with a variety of tools and applications that make the platform the perfect partner for any serious embedded system development based on Linux. 

The Open Desktop Workstation was the only GNU/Linux Power Architecture solution available on the market today that has been both validated as Ready for IBM Technology and is sold by Freescale Semiconductor through DevToolDirect.

Genesi become a partner/sponsor of the Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Fedora, openSUSE, Crux Linux as well as OpenSolaris and NexentaOS, Montavista and QNX Software Systems which are also targeted at the platform. communities. Genesi is also enrolled in the official board support and/or partner programs of ATI.

A variety of Operating Systems are available for the platform and in particular Genesi offers the following Power Developer Support Site. More information on Operating Systems available for the Open Desktop System can be found here.