Pegasos HAL/OF Designated Ready for IBM Technology Solution
August 30, 2005

The Pegasos Hardware Abstraction Layer and IEEE 1275 compliant Open Firmware (HAL/OF) recently featured in the article "POWER Pushes the Knowledge Frontier" has been designated as a "Ready For IBM Technology" and is now listed in the IBM Global Solutions Directory.

The Pegasos HAL/OF approach brings with it immediate GNU/Linux kernel support as well as support from a growing number Linux distributions, including Debian, Gentoo, YDL, Ubuntu, CruxPPC, Montavista and Fedora. An OpenSolaris PowerPC port is also underway. The Pegasos HAL/OF has been used and is being used to support PowerPC-based platforms from Freescale, IBM and now AMCC.

The Pegasos HAL/OF approach enables the vast software resources currently available on the Open Desktop Workstation to be shared with other PowerPC-based platforms. The Open Desktop Workstation is a CHRP compliant platform based on the PegasosPPC and composed of standard PC components. The Pegasos HAL/OF provides a logical successor to the CHRP standard replacing hardware dependent code with API callbacks to an abstraction layer that provides a common interface to operating systems and/or applications as required.

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