Power.org VC Event Presentation Online
December 18, 2005

Last week, Genesi participated in the first Power.org investor /community event. The symposium, held at the Sheraton Hotel in Palo Alto, on December 14, 2005, provided proof points for prospective investors in the Power.org /community, as well as discussing the momentum behind Power.org among the VC /community. Genesi's presentation was featured in the Panel: "Building future products: Tools, enablement, /community, accelerators". Genesi also demonstrated the PegasosPPC-based Home Media System in the Event Demo Room.

The Genesi presentation is now online as is a gallery from the event. The presentation heralds the pending release of the complete design specification for the PegasosPPC to Power.org members on 9 January 2006.

The know-how and experience Genesi has accumulated, as well as the Developer and User Community that have been established by the PegasosPPC is proving useful to Power.org and Power.org members. The contribution to Power.org will grow as Genesi moves ahead with the release of new designs and products based on POWER in 2006, including the EFIKA, the High Density Blade Server and the dual 970 based Open Server Workstation.

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