Marvell Discovery II and III Development Board Support
September 6, 2005

Genesi is pleased to announce that it will provide under license the Pegasos hardware abstraction layer and IEEE 1275 compliant Open Firmware (HAL/OF) for Marvell Discovery II and Discovery III Development Boards.

The Pegasos HAL/OF approach brings with it immediate GNU/Linux kernel support as well as support from a growing number Linux distributions. MorphOS is also supported and an OpenSolaris PowerPC port is also underway. The Pegasos HAL/OF has been used and is being used to support PowerPC-based platforms utilizing the Discovery II and the Discovery III northbridges.

The Pegasos HAL/OF approach enables the vast software resources currently available on the Open Desktop Workstation to be shared with other PowerPC-based platforms. The Open Desktop Workstation is a CHRP compliant platform based on the PegasosPPC and composed of standard PC components. The Pegasos HAL/OF provides a logical successor to the CHRP standard replacing hardware dependent code with API callbacks to an abstraction layer that provides a common interface to operating systems and/or applications as required.

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