Strategy Plan Challenge 2011


In June 2011, Genesi proudly partnered with the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, to assist students performing market and competitor analyses and develop new market entry strategy plans as part of their "Strategic Management" (BUS 4385) course program. Participating students were able to meet with Company representives from North America and Europe who introduced them to the Company´s products, services and its licensing business. Experiences and insights into various global markets as well as the computer and telecommunications industries were shared.

The Challenge

All students joined one of eight teams who each focused on a different regional market.

  • Brazil
  • China
  • Egypt
  • Germany
  • Latvia
  • Mexico
  • North America (Canada and the USA)
  • Tanzania

Based on hypothetical scenarios surrounding Genesi´s business, each team prepared a market entry strategy plan that encompassed an executive summary, mission and vision statements, internal and external analyses, business and corporate-level strategies, and an assessment of the local competitive environment.


All submitted strategy plans are provided below in PDF format. Please click to download.


Brazil China Egypt Germany Latvia Mexico N. America Tanzania



The Genesi team would like to thank Bradley Norris of the Hankamer School of Business, Baylor University for inviting us to participate. Furthermore, we would like to thank all involved students for their thoughtful questions, genuine interest, enthusiasm and hard work. We greatly enjoyed our meetings on campus.

Letter from the CEO

Bradley Norris and the BUS 4385 Teams
Hankamer School of Business
Baylor University


The entire Genesi team would like express its appreciation to each of the Baylor Business School teams who prepared strategic management plans for our business. Although we only had time to announce a winner (congratulations team China - the quality of your work was evident both in its written and presentation form) on 1 July, each team had something unique to offer:

  • the idea of sponsoring an organization like LITKA is an interesting solution to building brand awareness in an emerging market (thank you team Latvia);
  • the idea of selling products to a partner at cost while collecting a royalty on subsequent product sales by that partner is an innovative way of managing/sharing inventory risk (thank you team Egypt);
  • the idea of taking advantage of tax incentives by establishing a local manufacturing facility recognizes one of the ways that government initiatives support new business growth (thank you team Brazil);
  • the idea of targeting one specific portion of the education spectrum (i.e., fifth graders) reflects both focus to ensure success coupled with follow-on opportunity upon successful execution (thank you team Mexico);
  • reminding us of the power of social networking within today´s conduct of business (thank you team North America);
  • the power of leveraging existing relationships (thank you team Tanzania); and
  • the suggestion to partner with E-Plus (thank you team Germany).

We appreciate the work involved in preparing your plans and acknowledge the quality of each of your presentations (in particular, we appreciate the fact that you dressed the part in the middle of the Central Texas summer!). We wish you well as you embark on the next chapter of your lives. Creative thinking and focused execution can change the world - we are confident that you will. Raquel and I, as well as the rest of the Genesi Team salute your effort.

Best regards,

William H. Buck

The winner of the 2011 Strategy Plan Challenge was Team China!

Academically, the top three teams were Egypt, Latvia and China (1st - 3rd).